We aim at creating a stable and quality driven research cluster in Biomedicine.

Scientific Functional Organization.

The potential of the cluster scientific organization is established on several priority strategic lines with a range of parallel research programs that groups coordinates with each other and within the CHUVI shared research units.

Oncology: Diagnosis / Prognosis / Therapy
Metabolic Diseases: Diabetes / Thyroid / Obesity
Neuroscience: Ion Channels / Neuropathology
Infectious and Autoimmune Diseases: Tuberculosis / Vaccines / Autoimmune Diseases
Human Hereditary Diseases: Diagnosis / Molecular Basis
Furthermore, there are research groups that provide technologies that can serve as supporting platforms essential for the Association, such as:

- Proteomics and Genomics
- Bioinformatics
- Image platform
- Preclinical studies and development of diagnostic and treatment tools :
   cell cultures / animal house / monoclonal antibodies and phage libraries / nanoparticles for diagnosis and therapy
- HTS (High Throughput Screening)
- Statistics

Research Frame.

In view of the capabilities, expertise and previous work as individual research groups or existing collaborations, synergies that are expected to operate within the Association in Biomedicine will allow to address a number of joint projects, which fall into three Biomedical Research Areas:
  1) Molecular Basis of Pathology
  2) New technologies for diagnosis
  3) new preventive and therapeutic tools