We aim at creating a stable and quality driven research cluster in Biomedicine.


In line with the National Strategy for Science and Technology, this cluster has the following general objectives:

- Conduct high quality research in Biomedicine.
- Work in collaboration with national and international centers.
- Find additional funding from both the National R&D&i Program and the European Framework Program.
- Develop infrastructure and joint research programs with universities, hospitals and biotech companies.
- Promote the training of researchers and leading educational initiatives.
- Exploitation of research results.
- Create a social environment of excellence in science and technology with international recognition.

Some of the research groups also promote the Center for Research in Biomedicine (CInBio) at the University of Vigo, now under construction; and the IBIV (Institute of Biomedic Investigation of Vigo).

Specific objectives of this cluster may be described:
in the Scientific and Technological Arena:

- Better understanding of pathologies from a multidisciplinary perspective.
- Increase skills of researchers and technicians in biomedicine area.
- Integrate Research Units at the University of Vigo (UVIGO) and the "Servicio Galego de Saúde" (SERGAS- Galician Health Service) via the IBIV.
- Promote multidisciplinary approach for basic and applied research in biomedicine
- Tackle down diagnosis and therapy from a multidisciplinary perspective.
- Address drug development process, such as the design, synthesis, scale, in vitro and in vivo assays, pre-clinical trials on experimental animals and clinical trials in local hospitals.
- Development of nanotechnology in the diagnosis and treatment of diseases.
- Search for new tumor markers for early diagnosis, prognosis, monitoring, or response to treatment.
- Implementation of the use of monoclonal antibodies in human therapy.
- Development of sensible methods for production of bioactive molecules derived from biomass.
- Statistical methods to tackle problems arising in the analysis of biomedical data.

in terms of Knowledge Transfer:

- Integration with the needs of biotech companies in Galicia (Lonza, Zeltia ...).
- Development of new drugs.
- Identification of new genes and development of diagnostic methods.
- Development of new molecular markers for decision making in alternative therapies.
- Transfer of acquired knowledge and technology, and industrial development and protection of new drugs.
- Patent exploitation and marketing of products obtained.
- Boost translational research between hospitals and university in Southern Galicia.
- Development of user friendly software to get biometric methods and analysis into databases of complex nature
- facilitate the creation of technology based companies (spin-offs) to exploit research results.

Last but not least, we pursue:

- Teaching and training in research environment to physicians, Health System technical specialists, postgraduates, etc., in life sciences.
- Seeking agreements with International Institutions such as the close International Center for Nanotechnology in Braga (Portugal)
- Research results and entrepreneurial activity communications
- Advancing in organizational and management handling.