We aim at creating a stable and quality driven research cluster in Biomedicine.

Research Frame.


 Groups: BB1, XB5, SI4, IN1.

- Study of the molecular basis leading to the alteration in the synthesis of glycoconjugates associated with cancer. The identification of potential therapeutic targets against cancer. Identification of single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) associated with deleterious mutations in cancer-related genes.
- Collection of antibodies to leukemia, identifying lymphocyte subpopulations in peripheral lymph nodes of head and neck tumors.

1B. Metabolic Diseases.
 Groups: FB3, XB5, SI4.

- Diabetes and obesity: studies in animal models to understand the physiological mechanisms, and translational studies in humans from a pathophysiologic and therapeutic perspective.
- Identification of mechanism of action of new insulinotropic molecules of GLP-1 family, with therapeutic application, anorexigenic effect and modulating other neuroendocrine axes, such as the adrenal and gonadotroph.
- Study of SNPs in genes related to lipid levels as well as reducing effect of different statins. Analysis of metabolic pathways.

1C. Infectious and autoimmune diseases.
 Groups: IN1, XB5, BB1.

- Treatment of tuberculosis. Pharmacogenetics and epidemiology of infectious diseases, inmmune system interaction with viruses, identification of resistance to antiretroviral drugs.
- Development of genetic markers for the diagnosis of hereditary diseases and study the role of certain polymorphisms in the expression of an autoimmune disease.
- Development of monoclonal antibodies to activated leukocytes therapeutic purposes

1D. Neuroscience.
 Groups: FB3, XB5, SI4.

- Ion channels in normal and pathological neuronal behavior.
- Study of the channelopathies, mutations of genes that express ion channels in neurological diseases.

1E. Human hereditary diseases.
 Groups: BB1, SI4, XB5.

- Development of genetic markers for the diagnosis of hereditary diseases.
- Study the role of certain polymorphisms in the expression of pathology using "Genome Wide Association Studies" with high performance platforms and chips designed for the identification of numerous single-base polymorphisms (SNPs, single nucleotide polymorphism).