We aim at creating a stable and quality driven research cluster in Biomedicine.

Informatics Systems Research Group (SI4). (WEB)

Main paths of collaboration in translational biomedicine:

- Hospital Universitario de Vigo (BIOPRO group: Bioinformatics and proteins),
- University Hospital of Salamanca (Medical Oncology Unit),
- University Hospital Virgen del Rocío of Seville (together with the University of Huelva and European University of Madrid),
- National Cancer Research Center (CNIO: uBio and INB),
- IGC (Gulbenkian Institute of Science),
- CiberOBN (Networked Biomedical Research Center-Pathophysiology of Obesity and Nutrition),
- numerous relevant research groups from different universities and institutions in Portugal (UMINHO, UTAD, UPORTO, Coimbra, UNL, IPB, IPV and IPL).

The group is also part of the Shared Unit UVIGO-SERGAS of Research in Translational Bioinformatics (InBiT), where the effort is focused on the application of knowledge and skills to the development and deployment of new services in the hospital setting.


The group of Prof. Florentino Fdez-Riverola currently maintains several lines on aspects of basic and applied research in the field of Translational Biomedicine. In this regard is to mention the development of open source tools for classifying patients based on data from DNA microarrays (www.genecbr.org), integration of information on metabolic pathways (www.pathjam.org), design of genes groups for subsequent application to techniques on differential expression analysis (www.whichgenes.org), performance of text mining and annotation of scientific papers (http://sysbio.di.uminho.pt/anote.php) , workflow automation and integration and other biomedical tools, network integration of semantic indexing for biomedical document classification, application of AI techniques to manage classification and grouping of patients and genes, and on methods for selecting relevant genes .

Furthermore, the group has developed its own platform for rapid application development that enables the encoding, distribution and maintenance of new code with minimal cost (www.aibench.org).