We aim at creating a stable and quality driven research cluster in Biomedicine.

Natural Antioxidants (EQ2 & EQ9)

Main lines of research:

- biomass processing
- identification of bioactive molecules such us natural antioxidants


The group of Prof. Juan Carlos Parajó has developed extensive work in the field of biomass processing by physical / chemical / biotech means, with international sucess, and over two hundred published papers. It has participated in three FP European Projects and in two INTERREG projects (Naturplas II), as well as an European Network of Excellence, bringing up fruitful cooperations with european groups. Also, Prof. Parajo has received the International Burdinola Award for Research on "Chemicals from biomass". The group takes part in the nacional research network called SUSCOMPNET, and coordinates the Antioxidant Galician Network.

Their work includes the collection, purification and determination of properties of bioactive molecules (antioxidants, oligosaccharides oligourónicos and hemicellulose). Complementary aspects such as structural elucidation of molecules with particular interest and the evaluation of their biological properties are key points for cooperation with the cluster. The expertise in production and use of bioactive molecules, and the formulation of healthier beverages is also relevant.

The research of Prof. Gil Garrote Velasco focuses on developing methods for processing plant biomass using novel pre-treatments (environment and energy friendly) to allow selective and efficient fractionation of substrates within the philosophy known as Biomass Refinery and oriented to obtain fractionation extracts containing molecules of chemical and biological interest.